In Conflict, Hunger Is Deadlier than Bullets

Wherever there is conflict, there is hunger. Around the world, more people are living in communities affected by conflict, which turns lives upside down, forces people out of their homes, and limits access to food.

In many conflicts, ordinary people have their fields burned and their crops stolen, wells poisoned or attacked, markets bombed, water services destroyed, and roads and ports blocked. Humanitarian workers and lifesaving supplies are often targeted or prevented from reaching communities in need.

Together, we can break the vicious cycle of hunger and conflict.

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Five years ago, the United Nations committed to address conflict-driven hunger, but it has been on the rise ever since. Join us in urging world leaders to take action to break the deadly cycle of hunger and conflict now.

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No Matter Who's Fighting, Hunger Always Wins

In a new report, Action Against Hunger analyzes the ways that conflict drives food insecurity around the world.

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Hunger & Conflict: A Deadly Cycle

The alarming resurgence of hunger in the world goes hand in hand with the rise in armed conflicts and a disregard for international law.


People Face Severe Hunger Crises Worldwide


Of People Facing Hunger Crises Live in Conflict-Affected Countries

A mother and her son who were displaced by the conflict in northern Nigeria.

Number of People Forcibly Displaced in 2021

Serhi Mykhalchuk
Cécile Tabo Mapamadjo, 28, shops for her family with support from Action Against Hunger at the Largu Food Market, in Ituri, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
Alexis Huguet
Action Against Hunger, DRC
Action Against Hunger, Syria
In Nguenyyiel Refugee Camp, Action Against Hunger provides mental health support in group and individual sessions.
Lys Arango
Action Against Hunger, Ethiopia

With all my heart, I wish for the war to end and for there to be peace in the world.”

— Tatiana, Ukrainian refugee in Moldova

Lives Upended by Ukraine Conflict

A lot of people moved, a lot of people were killed. We all live in a state of displacement, which causes a lot of suffering.”

— Cecile, Congolese farmer

Revitalizing Local Food Systems After Conflict

I am seven years old, and I have never been to school. I should be in second grade, but last year we moved to another village and this year the school burned down.”

— Reem, a Syrian girl who has been displaced by conflict.

“Life is Hard”—Syrians Struggle to Survive, 12 Years After Conflict Began

We lived in a quiet area until the war started and everything changed forever. They took away the goats and all we had. We slept on the mud, with nothing to cover the children with.”

— Nyalat, South Sudanese refugee

“Where there is life, there is hope”

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Hunger is a cause and a consequence of conflict. Give today to help provide lifesaving support to children and families facing conflict in Ukraine, Syria, Ethiopia, and beyond.

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