Break the Cycle of Conflict and Hunger

Alexis Huguet
Action Against Hunger, Democratic Republic of Congo

Add your name and join Action Against Hunger in urging the U.S. Government to take action to break the deadly cycle of hunger and conflict now.

Dear Secretary of State Antony Blinken and USAID Ambassador Samantha Power:

Around the world, the deadly, vicious cycle of conflict and hunger is worsening. It can turn anyone’s life upside down, forcing people to flee their homes, destroying crops, reducing the supply of food, and pushing people towards more dangerous methods of survival.

Today, 258 million people are struggling to survive severe food crises worldwide, and more than 85% of them live in countries impacted by conflict. In just the first six months of 2022, around 103 million people were forced from their homes because of conflict.

The alarming resurgence of hunger in the world goes hand in hand with the rise in armed conflicts and a flagrant disregard for international law, of which vulnerable people are the first victims.

In 2018, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2417, officially recognizing the links between conflict and hunger and that starvation as a weapon of war may constitute a war crime.

While international commitments such as Resolution 2417 and the 2021 G7 Famine Prevention Compact are welcome, not enough has been done to realize their potential. We urge you to keep the promises you made and to urgently:

  • Implement Resolution 2417 and end hunger as a weapon of war.
  • Ensure people can access food during conflict.
  • Invest in protecting civilians from the impact of conflict and building peace.

Actions speak louder than words and we’re counting on you to take action against hunger.

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