In Santiago de Lucanamarca, Peru, one in three children suffer from chronic malnutrition. On the day this photo was taken, a Action Against Hunger-trained health promoter and nurse traveled from home to home, checking up on children, talking with parents, and spreading messages on heath, hygiene, and nutrition.
Lys Arango
Action Against Hunger, Peru

The State of Hunger in Peru

Despite strong economic growth during recent years, the gap in wealth between urban and rural areas of Peru is growing. Peru hosts the world’s second largest population of Venezuelan migrants, who face challenges of poverty, hunger, and xenophobia.

The country has made significant achievements in reducing child malnutrition rates, but undernutrition remains a problem, particularly in the Andean regions.

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How We're Helping in Peru

Action Against Hunger takes a holistic approach to tackling child malnutrition and food insecurity in Peru. In partnership with local governments, we are:

  • strengthening the health system and reducing child hunger
  • improving food security among Venezuelan migrants
  • providing livelihoods and income opportunities to young women
Action Against Hunger's team in Lima organizes supplies for distribution.

People Reached By Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Programs

A family harvests crops from their garden.

People Benefited From Food Security & Livelihoods Programs

A woman cultivates her garden.
Lys Arango
Action Against Hunger, Peru
Action Against Hunger's teams in Lima, Peru, provide hand sanitizer for those waiting in line to receive hygiene kits.
Dennis Zevallos
Action Against Hunger, Peru
Action Against Hunger staff measure a child's height to determine his nutrition status.
Lys Arango
Action Against Hunger, Peru

Action Against Hunger helps people in Peru meet their needs by providing food, hygiene supplies, and other essential goods.

Our teams improve access to clean water, safe sanitation, and hygiene supplies in public places, like markets, soup kitchens, and health centers.

We train health workers, parents, and others on best practices for preventing and treating malnutrition, and our survey teams measure and analyze hunger in communities.

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