Advisory Council

Action Against Hunger’s Advisory Council is a collection of volunteer leaders who are passionate about saving lives and ending global hunger. Members serve as thought partners and ambassadors and contribute to advocacy, fundraising, and programmatic endeavors by providing expertise, access, and insight. Their efforts help Action Against Hunger generate more awareness to achieve our goal of zero hunger.

Meet our Advisory Council

Zain Asher
Anchor, Correspondent, CNN International

Yvonne Byars
Senior Director, MUST Ministries

Cathryn Dhanatya
President and Co-founder, Growing Good Inc.

Catherine Dumait-Harper
Consultant and Advisor

Lynn Frailey
Owner and Founder, Spiral Creative Productions, Inc.

Adriana Kahane
Entrepreneur and Founder, Dream Foods International

Caitlin Maclean
Senior Director of Innovative Finance, The Milkin Institute

Marla Mayer
Investor, Financial and Human Capital Advisor, Philanthropist

Anne-Sophie Roumilhac
Consultant and Advisor

Maciek Schejbal
Musician and Producer

Cara Seymour

Guy Sorman
Author, Academic, Founder of Action Against Hunger in France

Gokul Sundar
Venture Advisor, Alumni Ventures Group

Roger Thurow
Author, Academic, Senior Fellow, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Wendy C. Weiler
Founder, Weiler Partners

For more information on Action Against Hunger’s Advisory Council, please reach out to Matt Gordon at