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Action Against Hunger, Ukraine

Suspension of Black Sea Grain Deal Will Exacerbate Global Food Insecurity


  • Population: 44 million
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Action Against Hunger is deeply concerned that Russia’s refusal to extend its participation in the Black Sea Grain Agreement will have grave implications for some of the world’s hungriest communities.

The humanitarian organization condemns the politicization of the grain deal, which has allowed more than 33 million tons of grain to be exported since the agreement was initially signed by Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and the United Nations in July 2022. The deal has played a crucial role in limiting speculation and stabilizing global food prices.

“Since its signing, the Diplomatic Grain Initiative has helped to curb the rise of wheat prices in global markets, which had increased by over 40% in the three months prior to its signing,” said Anne Garella, Regional Director of Operations for Action Against Hunger.

In the year and a half since the conflict in Ukraine began, global food prices have been volatile and unpredictable. The Black Sea Grain Deal has been extended previously, but uncertainty over its future threatens access to grain imports to some of the world’s most vulnerable countries.

“To have a real impact, this agreement must be long-term. Widespread hunger cannot become a political weapon,” added Garella.

Ukraine has historically been one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat and other grains. Thanks to the grain deal, exports have continued despite the ongoing conflict. Developing countries have recieved more than half of the country’s grain exports, though just under 6% of total exports benefited the most vulnerable countries such as Ethiopia, Yemen, and Sudan, which are experiencing high levels of food insecurity.

In addition to helping to regulate prices, the Black Sea Grain Initiative has also played a crucial role in guaranteeing a ceasefire in and around Odessa in Ukraine, ensuring safe humanitarian access and saving lives by preventing the city and the port from being targeted.

Extending this agreement is crucial to meet the needs of countries facing food insecurity. The politicization of hunger and exploitation of the global food crisis for geopolitical purposes are alarming, especially as the humanitarian system remains consistently underfunded and food systems fail to guarantee the right to food for everyone.

Action Against Hunger’s Work in Ukraine

To date, more than 480,000 people have benefited from Action Against Hunger’s programs in Ukraine and the three neighboring countries (Poland, Romania, Moldova). Since the beginning of the conflict, Action Against Hunger’s emergency teams have been responding to humanitarian needs in Ukraine and neighboring countries in collaboration with local authorities and organizations.


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