An Action Against Hunger Aid Worker holds a child in his arms in Mali.
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Action Against Hunger, Mali

Frequently Asked Questions for US Positions

To find answers to your questions about international positions with Action Against Hunger, please click here.

I cannot upload my CV. What should I do?  

Your CV demonstrates your skills and lets us know that you are a good fit for the position you are applying for. Try using a simple Word .doc or PDF format. You can also try to minimize the length of your CV and remove any photos or other large graphic elements. If you are still having trouble, email our staff at

I would like to speak to someone before I submit my application. Is this possible? 

Thank you for your interest in Action Against Hunger. We would love to speak with each of our applicants, but unfortunately, we receive a very high volume of applications throughout the year and are unable to respond to each question individually. In addition to the job description, you can find out more about a position by reading about our work on the Action Against Hunger website.

The proposed starting salary is lower than my expectations. Is it negotiable? 

Our salary ranges ensure that all positions with a similar scope of responsibility are paid comparably. The starting salary for each position is reviewed periodically against and adjusted to remain competitive with other non-profit organizations.

How long does it take Action Against Hunger to respond to job applications? 

We receive hundreds of applications every month, so unfortunately, we cannot reply to each application individually. If you are a good fit for our team, we will typically be in touch within a couple of weeks.

Why can’t I apply for multiple Action Against Hunger jobs? 

We ask all candidates to apply for the job that is best suited to their skills and interests. However, our recruitment team will consider you for each open position. If we think that you may be a better fit for another position, we will let you know.

Do I need to already be authorized to legally work in the United States in order to apply for a position? 

Each job description indicates whether preference will be given to candidates who already have permission to legally work in the United States.

If you are offered employment and you are not already authorized to work in the United States, Action Against Hunger will help facilitate your visa application and cover all associated legal and filing fees for you and your family.

I have already included my background information in my CV. Do I need to include this information on the application form? 

Yes. We ask candidates to enter their professional experience and qualifications for several reasons:

  1. CVs are often structured and formatted very differently from our application form. Having the information in both places enables us to assess your qualifications more easily.
  2.   If you are accepted into our candidate pool, your cumulative work experience is used to calculate your salary in line with Action Against Hunger’s international salary structure.

 How does the recruitment process work? 

Throughout the recruitment process, you will be given various opportunities to demonstrate your skillset.

Initial screening: Each candidate’s application is screened to ensure that it aligns with our criteria. You will be screened for both the position you applied for and other open vacancies.

Technical test: You may be asked to complete a technical test. The test allows us to evaluate how you typically solve problems and complete tasks. These tests are timed and usually take two to three hours.

Interviews: You will be interviewed by the HR department and a technical advisor.   Depending on the position, you may be invited to additional interviews with other staff.

Reference checks: Your references will be contacted to verify your employment, character, skills and previous experience.

Will I have to come to the office for an in-person interview? 

If you are already based in New York or Washington, D.C., we may conduct an in-person interview. Other times, interviews are conducted on the phone or via video call.

Who will interview me? 

All potential employees are interviewed — at a minimum — by both a representative of the Human Resources team and the role’s supervisor.

Why do I have to complete a technical test? 

For some positions, Action Against Hunger requires candidates to complete a technical test. Technical tests give candidates the opportunity to showcase their skills. They are also one of the methods we use to evaluate how you act in real field situations. Through this test, we can assess your expertise firsthand and determine whether you have the fundamental abilities to meet the professional requirements of our international field positions.

 I do not want my references to be contacted before I tell them that I have applied for a job with Action Against Hunger. Will you let me know before contacting my references? 

Yes. If you have moved through the earlier steps in the recruitment process, we will let you know before contacting your references. You will then have the chance to inform them that they should expect a phone call or email from our HR team.

Why do you ask for past supervisors as references? 

It is useful for us to hear how you problem solve in a real setting. By speaking with your supervisor, we can assess your professional development and learn about your growth from someone who has seen it firsthand. Throughout the recruitment process, we are continuously evaluating your skills through other means as well. However, a supervisor can share even more information on your qualifications. We ask for three references, two of whom should have directly supervised you in one of your recent roles.

How long does it take for Action Against Hunger to complete the recruitment process? 

Usually, a candidate’s recruitment process will be completed in three to four weeks. The process might be faster if we need to fill a more urgent vacancy, and it might take longer if you or any of the people involved in the process are not immediately available.

Can I apply for an internship at Action Against Hunger?  

Occasionally, we post internship positions. These internships are unpaid, and they usually require a commitment of 20 hours per week for three months.

Keep an eye out for intern opportunities on our website. If your experience and interests align with the intern position, please do not hesitate to apply.

Can I send my CV directly to a friend or someone I know who is currently working with Action Against Hunger – either in the field or at another HQ? 

If you are interested in working with Action Against Hunger, you need to apply for a specific vacancy on our website. This allows us to ensure that the same recruitment process is followed for all candidates. This is not only fair but ensures that we match the best candidates to the available vacancies.

If you have been alerted to a vacancy by someone who is currently, or has previously, worked with Action Against Hunger, then you may consider asking them to provide a reference for you. They will be contacted if you reach this step in the recruitment process.

Will Action Against Hunger ask me to verify my previous employment and qualifications? 

All candidates may be asked to provide copies of their diplomas and other professional qualifications. We reserve the right to ask for verification of the dates and scope of any previous employment you have cited in your application. Any information you provide to Action Against Hunger that is later determined to be falsified or cannot be substantiated may be grounds for cancelling your participation in a selection process or cancelling a field assignment. You should only provide us with accurate and verifiable information, not only in your application, but throughout the entire recruitment process.

Can I bring my family with me to New York or Washington, D.C.? 

We provide a different relocation allowance for single candidates versus candidates with dependents. The amount also varies depending on whether you are relocating from within the United States (outside the Tri-State area or Washington, D.C. area, depending on the position) or internationally. All additional costs related to relocating your family and living near the office are your responsibility.

If you are relocating internationally, we will also help secure your visa and visas for your dependents. All visa-related costs for your family will be paid for, but any costs associated with securing your spouse’s work authorization (if your visa allows for this) will be your responsibility.

How will Action Against Hunger help to onboard me for the position if I am hired?  

We organize a wide range of briefings to prepare you for your role.  During your onboarding, you will learn about the history of Action Against Hunger, your daily schedule, the digital platforms you will routinely use, your key responsibilities, and more. We encourage you to ask questions in your initial weeks. Whenever possible, we will add orientation activities, welcome meetings, and helpful briefings to your schedule.

What are the physical requirements for roles which directly support or advise field programs? 

We do everything possible to ensure that our employees are comfortable and safe. However, due to the nature of our international missions, our field team often encounters difficult conditions while also completing their required work. If your role requires you to travel to our field sites, US employees must confirm that they are capable of enduring physically difficult, highly stressful situations. This may include walking long distances (while carrying a backpack or equipment up to 50 pounds), driving long distances over very poor road conditions, boating over poor water conditions, eating a limited diet, and living in tents or potentially uncomfortable housing.

What are the medical requirements for roles which directly support or advise field programs? 

You must have suitable mental and physical fitness before working in an international program. If you may need to go to the field, but your travel has not been confirmed, you will not be asked to undergo a medical examination. However, you must undergo this examination prior to travel.

No physical or mental condition, physical or mental disability will automatically preclude you from working with us, unless your situation renders you incapable of performing the essential functions of the job. You should be aware that many of our projects are in remote, high-risk locations.

Do I need a passport? 

Any employee whose job requires them to travel to other must have a valid passport. If you are preparing for an upcoming assignment out of the country, your passport must be valid for at least a year after your departure date, or three months longer than your planned assignment. Your passport must also have at least six blank pages to allow for potential visas (for trainings in other countries, international meetings, breaks, and vacations).

How will I get visas for any field visits? 

We will assist you with the visa process for any field visits. You will typically be able to secure this visa while in the United States. If alternative arrangements are required, we will work with our other offices to help facilitate this process. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long it may take to secure a visa for your country of assignment. However, we will work closely with you until your visa has been issued.

Before a field visit, how will I find out about the security situation in the country of assignment? 

Action Against Hunger prioritizes the security of all staff. However, we often work in countries dealing with turbulent and unpredictable crises. Our goal is to provide support and stability to communities facing distress, and this means that we often must work alongside them.

Therefore, due to the nature of our international positions, our field staff may confront security risks. It is important that you thoroughly review an assignment before deciding to travel.

During the recruitment, placement, and briefing process, as well as during your assignment, you will be encouraged to ask questions about the security procedures and situation where you are working. We will always respect your decision to refuse an assignment because you have serious concerns about your personal safety in your proposed country of assignment. Similarly, while working in the field, if at any time you no longer feel comfortable working in a specific location, you should discuss your concerns with the Country Director so we can help you make the most appropriate decision for you.

How does Action Against Hunger monitor these potential security situations? 

We place the utmost importance on continuously analyzing, managing, and communicating about the safety and security of its staff. Individual employees are responsible for following our security rules and communicating any concerns to their supervisor.

What kind of accommodation will I be provided with during a field visit? 

Accommodations vary from one country to another, as well as among project sites and capital locations. We strive to provide comfort to all of our employees in the field. However, the living conditions are not always guaranteed to meet your standard of comfort. Especially when dealing with emergency situations, living conditions may be unfamiliar or sometimes uncomfortable.

Where will I find details of the remuneration package for US staff? 

You can link to a detailed overview of Action Against Hunger’s remuneration package on each individual vacancy. Please read this carefully before you apply for a position because Action Against Hunger’s US salaries are structured to ensure that all positions with a similar scope of responsibility are paid within the same salary band.

What is the vacation policy for US staff? 

If you are a full-time employee, depending on your position and length of employment, you will accrue up to 21 vacation days (working days) per year.

★ First and second year of service = 15 vacation days
★ Third and fourth year of service = 18 vacation days
★ Fifth year of service = 21 vacation days

If you are a part-time employee, you will also accrue the same vacation credits, but it will be prorated according to your work hours.

Will Action Against Hunger pay for my family’s medical insurance? 

From your very first day of employment, you will have access to a comprehensive in-network medical plan, which includes a prescription drug plan. Coverage is available for you and your eligible dependents. Action Against Hunger contributes at least 80% of the monthly premium and funds 100% of the annual deductible. No co-pay is required for visits to your doctor. An out-of-network plan is also offered but with different conditions.

How will I develop my professional skills throughout my time at Action Against Hunger? 

Action Against Hunger is committed to helping all staff develop their skills and experience.  Learning and development opportunities are not restricted to in-person trainings. With the help of your dedicated supervisors and HR team, you will be able to reach your professional goals.

Action Against Hunger’s Training Center in Nairobi, Kenya, supports our professional and capacity-building activities. The Training Center team regularly conducts trainings, and it works closely with the HR team to identify and address the learning needs of all staff.